The Living Fossil of Peonies in the World, Qunfang, the Magical Peony Leader of the Han Dynasty

World peonies look at China, Chinese peonies look at Heze

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Jun 16,2023

Bathed in the spring breeze and spring sun, guests and friends from all over the world have come to Heze in an endless stream, to attend the World Peony Conference, which is expected once in a millennium, to see the beauty of the country and appreciate the unique charm of the development of the peony industry.

In April, the world is full of fragrance and beauty, and peonies bloom to welcome guests.

Bathed in the spring breeze and spring sun, guests and friends from all corners of the country have been rushing to Heze for a few days to attend the World Peony Conference, which is expected once in a thousand years, to see the beauty of the country and appreciate the uniqueness of the development of the peony industry. charm.

The 2019 World Peony Conference and the 28th Heze International Peony Cultural Tourism Festival, which are ushered in at important historical nodes, will carry more expectations, gather broad consensus on the high-quality development of the peony industry, convey confidence, wisdom and strength, and create The peony industry highland promotes the accelerated growth of Heze's transformation of new and old kinetic energy.

The peonies of the world look at China, and the Chinese peonies look at Heze.

The land of Heze in spring is full of fragrance of flowers, full of vitality, festive and peaceful.

Concentric from top to bottom, writing a magnificent chapter of the development of peony industry

Heze was called Caozhou in ancient times, and has a long history of peony cultivation. It began in Sui Dynasty, flourished in Tang and Song Dynasties, flourished in Ming and Qing Dynasties, and became the center of peony cultivation in China in Qing Dynasty. It has many colors, complete varieties, wide planting area, and various functional studies. It has obtained the registration certification of the mark of origin and is the largest export base of peony and its products in my country.

The endlessly flowing Yellow River meanders through Heze, nourishing this ancient and thick land, and providing unique living conditions for the elegant and beautiful king of flowers, peony. Relying on the gift of nature, the industrious and intelligent Heze people of all ages have worked hard to make this unique endowment resource of Heze flourish. Especially in recent years, based on the advantages of peony resources, the Heze Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government aim to build a "characteristic pillar industry", adhere to a high starting point, high standard, and high speed, continue to increase support, and strive to expand the planting area and grow The industrial chain promotes intensive processing, and the industrialization work is at the forefront of the country, writing a magnificent chapter in the great development of the peony industry.

Currently, Heze has cultivated 9 major color systems, 10 major flower types, and 1,259 peony varieties; the city's peony planting area is 486,000 mu, accounting for 86% of Shandong Province and about 30% of the country's total. There are 65 planting bases with an area of more than 500 mu, including 57 with more than 1,000 mu, and 3 professional planting towns with more than 10,000 mu; 150,000 mu of oil peony entering the harvest period, 50,000 mu of ornamental peony, and 7 peony ornamental gardens. There are more than 60,000 farmers, and more than 240 production, processing and sales enterprises; the annual processing capacity of peony seed oil in the city is 25,000 tons, and the total output value of the peony industry is 8 billion yuan; the new varieties cultivated in the city account for 80% of the domestic total. The support rate for the national peony planting seedlings is over 85%, and the products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, France, the Netherlands, Japan, etc., accounting for more than 80% of the national peony export volume. Heze has developed into a base for cultivation, scientific research, processing, export and viewing of peonies with the largest planting area and the most complete varieties of peonies in the world.

At present, Heze City has 19 peony scientific research institutions, which jointly promote the research work of new peony varieties breeding, cultivation technology, new product development and processing and manufacturing, and have achieved more than 60 scientific research achievements, and have successively undertaken the national "863" ;Project "Peony New Variety Breeding and Industrialization Development" and National Natural Science Foundation of China "Peony Variety Resource Evaluation" and other research projects, developed "Oil Peony Variety Screening and Standardized Cultivation", " Peony seed oil supercritical carbon dioxide extraction standardized large-scale technology" and "peony seed dregs extraction of paeoniflorin technology" and other technologies are at the international leading level, filling the gaps at home and abroad; the developed "peony bud replacement grafting rapid breeding technology" ", "Peony Off-Season Cultivation Technology" and "Peony Potted Planting Technology" and other technologies are at the domestic leading level, and more than 240 peony seed oils, peony cosmetics, peony nutrition products, etc. From the industrial chain to the deep processing of products, it has embarked on the road of comprehensive utilization with in-depth, multi-field and all-round development.

Competing for the unparalleled beauty in the world, and monopolizing the first fragrance in the world. At the same time, Heze Peony has amazed the world time and time again with its demeanor of "King of Flowers", and has won more than 20 international and domestic awards.

At the China 99’Kunming World Horticultural Exposition (Category A1) held by the state, Heze Peony won the first prize in one fell swoop, winning 81 out of 119 peony awards. Among them, Heze Peony won 2 of 3 awards; 12 gold medals, 10 of which were picked; 36 silver medals and 60 bronze medals, Heze Peony won 26 and 43 respectively.

In recent years, Heze Peony has participated in 43 domestic and foreign flower exhibitions such as Garden Expo and Flower Expo, and won 561 awards of various kinds. Speaking of the 8th China Flower Expo in 2013, more than 300 Heze peony plants and more than 130 varieties participated in the exhibition, and finally won 68 medals, including 7 golds, 19 silvers, 24 bronzes and 18 winning awards. The Flower Expo, which is held every four years, is known as the "Olympic" in China's flower industry. It is the largest, highest-level, and most influential national flower event in my country.

"Flowers bloom in Qilu, Shandong is hospitable" and "one mountain, one river, one flower and one sage" have been the themes of the Shandong exhibition area many times and appeared in China Flower Expo. Products such as Heze Peony and Peony Flower, Peony Seed Oil, Peony Food, Peony Cosmetics, Peony Flower Tea, Peony Flower Tea and other products have become the highlights of the Flower Expo.

The branches and leaves are luxuriant, the flowers are large and full, and the country is beautiful and fragrant...Heze peony always welcomes guests and friends from all over the world with the best open attitude of beauty and health.

Development in inheritance and progress in innovation. The elegant and precious peony has been closely connected with the lives of people in the land of Heze and coexists harmoniously. At present, the development of peony industry is playing an increasingly important role in greening and beautifying the environment, building beautiful homes, adjusting industrial structure, accelerating the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, boosting rural revitalization, increasing people's income, and improving people's quality of life. In the process of ecological civilization and building a beautiful China, there are huge potentials and broad prospects.

Seize the opportunity and accelerate the development of the peony industry

Heze peony and its industrial development have gone through numerous evolutions and trials in wind and rain before becoming the real "king of flowers" and benefiting people's livelihood.

In 2000, Heze City was named the "Hometown of Chinese Peonies" by the State Forestry Administration and the China Flower Association. In 2002, it passed the "Registration of Origin of Heze Peony" demonstrated by the national organization. From 2004 to 2006, the State Forestry Administration established the only "Peony New Variety Testing Base" and "National Peony Germplasm Resources Heze Bank" in Heze. In 2006, Heze was named "China Peony City". In April 2010, the State Forestry Administration approved Heze as the "National Peony High-tech Industrial Base". In March 2011, the peony seed oil declared by Heze City was identified as a new resource food by the Ministry of Health. In January of the following year, the state decided to carry out the construction of a pilot base for oil peony in Heze. In March, the China Flower Association officially named Heze the "Peony Capital of China". In April, the Shandong provincial government listed the flower industry, including peony, as one of the top ten industries in the province, and issued the "Shandong Province Oil Plant Revitalization Plan", listing peony seed oil as a key development project.

On April 18, 2013, the State Forestry Administration held the "National Symposium on the Development of Oil Peony Industry" in Heze, and the next day held the "Establishment and Academic Seminar of the Oil Peony Economics Committee of the Chinese Society of Forestry Economics ", the meeting determined that the National Oil Peony Economic Professional Committee will be located in Heze. Heze has finally achieved a magnificent turn from "Flower Town" to "Flower City" and then to "Flower Capital".

On November 26, 2013, General Secretary Xi Jinping came to Heze, inspected Yaoshun Peony Biotechnology Co., Ltd., walked into the exhibition hall and workshop, asked in detail about the development of peony industrialization, and learned about the output, use, and composition of the product and features. Knowing that peony is not only ornamental and medicinal, but also can be used to refine peony seed oil, develop peony flower tea, essential oil, food, health products, cosmetics, etc., the general secretary is very interested in the peony industry. He picked up a bottle of peony seed oil, opened the bottle cap and smelled it, asked about pricing, production and sales, and said that "I have learned a lot today", which is impressive.

It is the development achievements of the peony industry in Heze that made General Secretary Xi "informed".

The Party Central Committee, the State Council, the State Forestry Administration, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government attach great importance to the remarkable economic, social, and ecological benefits of the peony industry. Important instructions for industrial development.

The Heze Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government seized the opportunity to continuously accelerate the pace of development of the peony industry. Shandong Province and Heze City have continuously increased their policy support for the development of the peony industry. Shandong Province listed Heze City as one of the three new development bases for oil plants, listed peony oil plants as a key development project, and issued the "Shandong Province Peony Industry Development Plan (2015-2020)", "Shandong Province on Breakthroughs in Heze, Shandong Several Opinions on the Rise of the West (Lu Fa [2018] No. 39 Document)" and other supporting documents. Heze City listed the peony industry as one of the eight major industrial revitalization plans, and issued the "Decision on Accelerating the Development of Peony Industrialization", "Opinions on Vigorously Implementing the "Ten Millions" Project to Accelerate the Development of Peony Industrialization" and "Heze City Peony Industry Development Master Plan (2018-2022)", and set up a special fund for peony industry development and a special industry fund to support the construction of key peony industry projects and the development of leading enterprises, and promote the deep integration and development of primary, secondary and tertiary industries of peony. Heze City was rated as the "National Woody Oil Plant Characteristic Regional Demonstration City" because of its peony oil, and "Heze Peony Seed Oil" won the "Shandong Province Governor Quality Award" and the special mark of the National Geographical Indication Protection Product. And entered the table of Xiamen BRICS five countries meeting, has completed the US FDA registration of peony seed oil and the EU SGS international food standard certification.

Nowadays, the peony industry in Heze has already embarked on the road of all-round and comprehensive development from the single ornamental and medicinal uses in the past.

Innovation drives development, Heze peony industry uses innovative methods to develop pillar industries. To give the simplest example, last year, among the 69 new peony varieties registered by the Peony Branch of the China Flower Association, 22 came from Heze.

Steady and steady, stepping out a solid footprint in the development of the peony industry

“It is necessary to closely combine the acceleration of base construction with the promotion of industrialization and the development of tourism. focus, rapid development". This is the spring when the peony industry kicked off its development 5 years ago, and the Heze Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government put forward the general requirements for industrial development.

One step at a time, one stick after another. Heze Peony Industrialization Office (now Heze Peony Industry Development Center), under the correct leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, continues to develop and innovate, and constantly strives to make achievements. Industrial and commercial capital enters the peony industrial base construction symposium, the city's peony industrialization work conference, the national peony planting and processing technician post ability training, the Heze peony industry development master plan symposium, the peony processing and sales symposium, the peony industry summit forum and peony scientific and technological achievements A series of conferences such as the press conference will discuss in-depth research, innovate methods and methods, scientifically formulate measures, fully implement target responsibilities, and comprehensively promote the development of peony industrialization through leading strategies.

2018 is a solid and fruitful year for the development of the peony industry.

On April 14th, the research and development and functional experiment results of Heze peony products were released: peony seed oil, peony flower hydrosol, and peony peptide extract from peony seeds have obvious health care functions; peony seed oil has the function of reducing hyperlipidemia and cholesterol, and can Improve memory; peony seed oil has higher ability to scavenge free radicals than linseed oil, peony flower hydrosol has better anti-free radical ability than rose hydrosol; peony seed meal can extract peony small molecule peptides, which can greatly improve the comprehensive benefits of peony for oil…&hellip The above-mentioned experiments were entrusted by our city to the School of Public Health of Shandong University, the Institute of Nutrition and Health of Shandong University, Hunan Provincial Food and Drug Testing Institute, Jiangnan University, etc., using internationally recognized animal experiments and human food testing methods. So far, breakthroughs have been made in functional research of peony products in our city.

On the same day, the 2018 China (Heze) Peony Industry Expo hosted by the Heze Peony Industrialization Office opened. With 9 exhibition areas, more than 140 exhibitors, 17 special booths, and more than 100 ordinary booths, it is the first time in the history of the development of the peony industry in our city to hold such a large-scale professional exposition during the Peony Festival. The resources and brand advantages of Heze peony further accelerated the process of peony industrialization.

On May 29, Chen Ping, deputy secretary of the Heze Municipal Party Committee and mayor, and his entourage came to China Peony Garden, Yaoshun Peony Industrial Park, Guanyu Peony Industrial Park, Guyu Peony Biotechnology Co., Ltd. The development of the industry, and then put forward the scientific positioning of "peony is the business card that Heze should polish the most, and the peony industry is the industry that Heze should grow bigger and stronger" and "grasp the two ends, bring the middle, promote integration, and strong support " and the new requirements of "to formulate an overall plan for the development of the peony industry".

On June 19, the new species of peony (50 pots of peonies) cultivated by the Peony Industry Office of Heze City was named "SCO Peony" by the SCO Qingdao Summit Organizing Committee and appeared at the "Qingdao Summit" . During the summit, many other elements of Heze Peony were colorful, which amazed the world.

On the same day, the first 6-day national "Peony Planting and Processing Technician Job Ability Training Class" was held in our city. This training aims to promote the strategy of rural revitalization, improve the skills and employability of rural labor force, promote farmers to increase their income and become rich, and make the peony industry bigger and stronger. More than 110 students from all over the country listened carefully to the preaching and teaching of experts and scholars in our city and domestic well-known peony cultivation, processing, and scientific research. Through theoretical and practical operations, and through on-site visits and exchanges, they all felt "benefited" A lot."

How to make industrial development goals more efficient, more motivated, and more comprehensive and accurate? On August 3, the symposium on the overall planning of the city's peony industry development was held. The purpose of the meeting is to implement the requirement of "to formulate an overall development plan for the peony industry" proposed by Mayor Chen Ping at the peony industry research symposium. Starting from May 29th, led by the Municipal Peony Industrialization Office, after more than two months of screening, research, discussions and extensive solicitation of opinions, the preliminary development opinions of the peony industry were formulated for the future development of Heze peony industry. In order to further improve the plan, the Peony Industry Office has extensively solicited opinions and suggestions from municipal departments of agriculture, forestry, planning, tourism, food and drug supervision, relevant persons in charge of Peony District and peony experts.

Maintain the determination to develop and move forward with determination. Under the leadership of the Municipal Peony Industry Office, the city's peony development enterprises continue to create new kinetic energy and continuously enhance their influence and competitiveness.

On September 19, Heze Peony Industrialization Office organized peony series products from 12 leading enterprises to appear at China Forestry Products Fair, attracting customers from Beijing, Jiangxi, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Liu Dongsheng, deputy director of the State Forestry and Grassland Administration, accompanied by relevant provincial and municipal leaders Chen Ping, deputy secretary of the Heze Municipal Party Committee and mayor, came to the peony industry exhibition area, asked in detail about the planting, processing, and sales of oil peony, and praised "Heze The development of the peony industry is on the right path, and the market prospect is broad. ”


Steady and steady, long-term success.

Looking back at 2018, the peony industry in Heze has achieved remarkable results in terms of technological innovation and the development of leading enterprises.

Peony planting maintained a stable momentum. Faced with the low market price of peony seeds last year and the frustrated enthusiasm of planting enterprises and farmers, the Municipal Peony Industry Office actively reported to the city leaders that our city took active measures to pay 7 yuan and 8 yuan per catty respectively in April and October The protection price of peony seeds is purchased, which protects the interests of farmers. At the same time, speed up the construction and training of seed gardens, vigorously develop the peony pastoral complex, and build the Heze Peony Processing and Export Demonstration Zone and the Yueru Peony Pastoral Complex. The city's peony industry achieved a total output value of 8 billion yuan.

The construction of peony leading enterprises has been continuously strengthened. Yaoshun Peony has undergone shareholding reform, Ruipu Peony and Gaoke Peony have been transformed and upgraded, and 6 new peony processing enterprises, namely Guyu Peony, Yueru Peony, Shangsheng Peony, Zhonghe Jianyuan, Ningxiang Peony and Tianbao Peony, have been added. There are 5 peony sales companies including Longchi Peony Biological Company, Tangyao Peony, Yushun Peony, and Yaoshun e-commerce platform, and the number of peony processing and sales companies has increased to 24, with a processing output value of 600 million yuan.

Peony's research and development capabilities continue to increase, and its market share continues to expand. Our city insists on peony technology research and development as a starting point, and actively cooperates with scientific research institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Provincial Academy of Sciences, and Shandong University to jointly develop new products. Under this guidance, various enterprises actively cooperate with scientific research institutes and colleges and universities to develop functional products. Tianbao Peony has developed peony coffee, Yueru Peony has strengthened the organic certification of its products, and more than 100 kinds of peony flower tea, peony preserves, and peony nutritional food have been developed and operated by Lantian Lanpeony Company in Heze Development Zone, which sell well in more than 20 provinces and regions in China. , peony flower candied fruit products have carried out business cooperation with more than 100 large-scale catering enterprises at home and abroad. Fuxi peony flower tea and peony stamen tea have been successfully connected to well-known national scenic spots such as Beijing Jingshan Park and the Forbidden City. Qiyuan and Ningxiang Peony actively use peony products to develop cosmetics. Qiyuan brand peony cosmetics sell well in more than 20 provinces and cities including Beijing and Shanghai; Linyuan Peony Heze Kangpu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. creates high-end standards for peony products, which passed the ISO90001 quality system certification, HACCP certification and US FDA certification, and the establishment of a peony seed oil marketing branch in the United States, creating a passport for Linyuan peony products to go global.

Gather a consensus and create a future for the great development of the peony industry

Stopping and looking back is to start better.

The firm confidence in the development of the peony industry in Heze gathered in November 2018 into the answer.

In this month, the "Heze City Peony Industry Development Master Plan (2018-2022)" was reviewed and approved at the 45th municipal government executive meeting, and released to the whole city, clarifying the "12345" development strategy and building Heze into a characteristic The distinctive "peony capital of the world".

According to the plan, by 2022, the regional characteristics of the peony industry in Heze City will be more obvious, the economic benefits will be significantly enhanced, the talent team will be further expanded, the scientific and technological achievements will be more fruitful, the development will continue to be efficient, the environment will be harmonious and friendly, the leading role will be more prominent, and the emerging pillars The dominant position of the peony industry continues to increase, the "12345" development strategic goal is fully realized, and it is at the forefront of the country in implementing the innovation-driven development strategy of the peony industry.

According to the plan, our city strives to fully explore the application value of peony as a new food raw material and a new theme of cultural tourism by 2022 with the support of innovation policies, and promote the construction of "Heze National Peony Agricultural Science and Technology Park" On the basis, cultivate 20 leading enterprises in the peony industry, build 20 peony garden complexes, build a large peony international commodity market (peony seedlings, peony flowers and peony commodities), and build peony "seedling breeding, flower cultivation, deep processing, The four major industrial clusters of "Cultural Tourism" drive the city's peony planting area to more than 1 million mu, and encourage farmers and enterprises to develop peony planting in other places, with an area of more than 500,000 mu. The annual comprehensive processing capacity of peony seeds in the city has reached more than 200,000 tons, the total annual output of peony out-of-season cultivation and peony cut flowers has reached more than 40 million pots (branches), and more than 50 high-tech enterprises have cultivated and introduced various types of peony. There are more than 500 kinds of products in total, forming a peony industry with a total output value of more than 50 billion yuan, and then realizing the "12345" development strategic goal of the peony industry, that is, fully completing the construction of the National Peony Agricultural Science and Technology Park in Heze City; cultivating 20 leading enterprises, building 20 peony garden complexes; build three core service platforms including China Peony Applied Technology Research Institute, Peony International Commodity Market, Peony Seed Breeding and Storage Center; build peony "seedling breeding, flower cultivation, deep processing, Cultural tourism" four major industrial clusters; cultivate the peony industry with a total output value of more than 50 billion yuan.

Towards tomorrow, opportunities are in front of us; to tomorrow, opportunities are also at our feet.

The firm confidence in the development of the peony industry in Heze gathered into a symphony of excitement this spring.

The 2019 World Peony Conference and the 28th Heze International Peony Culture and Tourism Festival kicked off today. The city's confidence is rising, strength is accumulating, and pride is full of sails.

The 2019 World Peony Conference hosted by the provincial government and the China Flower Association is a great love for Heze from the state, the Shandong Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and the China Flower Association.

The purpose of the conference is to "gather high-end talents from all over the world and build a peony industry highland". The activities mainly include a main forum of "World Peony Industry Development Vision and Prospect", four sub-forums, an International Peony Industry Expo, and the signing ceremony of the "Double Recruitment and Double Introduction" event of the International Peony Industry, etc. The four sub-forums include Peony Cultivation Technology Development Sub-Forum, Peony Product Processing and Efficacy Research Sub-forum, 2019 Heze Cultural Tourism Development Summit Forum, and Heze Peony Investment and Financing Project International Cooperation Forum.

At the same time, the International Peony Industry Expo, which opened today, was held in the Heze Huimengtai Exhibition Hall. The exhibition is divided into two parts: the international exhibition area and the domestic exhibition area. The exhibition contents include peony seedlings, potted flowers, fresh cut flowers, deep-processed products, peony cultural and tourism products, peony calligraphy and painting, peony processing planting and picking machinery, etc. Peony professional buyers and traders at home and abroad, influential peony planting, production and processing enterprises at home and abroad, professional cooperatives, well-known woody grain and oil enterprises and forestry colleges, scientific research institutions, e-commerce network enterprises, advertising traders and others "Internet+" industry insiders, production and processing enterprises and distributors concerned about the development of the peony industry in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc. came to Heze to share the development achievements of the peony industry, discuss the development plan of the peony industry, and jointly create a great development of the peony industry s future.

“The 2019 World Peony Conference must be held according to international standards, and the conference will be held successfully! "Wang Lei, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and executive deputy mayor, gave a resounding speech.

Only the peony is truly national, and when the flowers bloom, Heze moves.

Welcome to the Peony Capital of China!

I wish the 2019 World Peony Conference and the 28th Heze International Peony Culture and Tourism Festival a complete success!

I wish the development of Heze peony industry a better tomorrow!