The Living Fossil of Peonies in the World, Qunfang, the Magical Peony Leader of the Han Dynasty


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Address: Han Mudan Garden, Baixiang County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China

Appreciate the beauty of thousands of postures, and enjoy the fragrance of thousands of miles

Peony in ziyunlang

Ziyun corridor

Compete with each other for beauty of looks

A scene in the park

With Jun Baixiang garden, Qianying stay in Fanghua

The beauty of the fairy faces the spring breeze, and the beauty of the moon welcomes the guests

Sunset in Koi Lake

World Peony Garden

It's hard to paint Baixiang gold and peony with Lanting ink

Peony in ShenHuaYuan

God Garden

Chinese herbaceous peony

Dream of the Han Dynasty

A gatehouse

Beautiful fairy long sleeve, crimson twill dance Garden

Mirror Garden


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