The Living Fossil of Peonies in the World, Qunfang, the Magical Peony Leader of the Han Dynasty

During the Japanese invasion of China, Kimura Gongichi, the chief of the Japanese army's advisory office stationed in the county, hired Wang Hao, who is proficient in Chinese and Japanese, to be the tutor of his daughter, Kimura Yamako. Wang Hao's son Wang Shaoyue and Kimura Shanzi have established a deep friendship and mutual admiration in studying and living together.

A concubine of Kimura Gong wanted to monopolize the famous flower, and sent troops to forcibly dig out the thousand-year-old sacred flower of Baixiang County-the peony of the Han Dynasty, and transported it back to Japan for cultivation. In the Han Dynasty, the branches and leaves of the peony withered and fought with death. In order to prevent the Japanese soldiers from digging the peony, Wang Hao sacrificed heroically to protect the flower. Shaoyue fought desperately with the Japanese soldiers, but was caught by the Japanese soldiers because he was outnumbered. Kimura Shanzi sacrificed his life to save Shaoyue.

In the battle, the Eighth Route Army won a complete victory and captured Kimura Gongyi and Shan Zi and others. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Kimura Miyaichi and Yamako were sent back to Japan.

Thirty years later, the hills around Kimura Palace visited the Han Peony Garden again. Kimura Gongyi knelt down and confessed for plundering Han Mudan and killing Wang Hao. After several twists and turns, Shanzi and Shaoyue, a pair of lovers, finally got married.