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Chrysanthemum and peony are competing together, and invited to visit

In Chinese classical literature and culture, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum are collectively called four gentlemen. Chrysanthemum is one of China's top ten famous flowers. In the autumn of October, Han Peony Garden introduced more than 300 varieties of chrysanthemum from home and abroad, and nearly 40,000 chrysanthemums were invited to come and watch. Time: September 25th-November 15th, 2014. The scale of this chrysanthemum exhibition is relatively large in North China. It exhibited Liangliang Ziyu, Kasugamiyama, Moyu, Bailixiang, Hongqiang, etc. At the same time, it also designed dragons and phoenixes, peacocks, screens, panlongs, and lions Chinese traditional art modeling chrysanthemum.

Hanxiang Peony Garden Peony in Baixiang County has entered the flowering period!

Baixiang Han Peony Garden thousands of varieties of peony in nine colors at home and abroad have entered the flowering period, which is the best time for flower viewing. Welcome to watch and experience the fun of fruit and vegetable picking! Scenic Telephone 0319-7796393

Baixiang Han Peony Garden blooms in seasons

The Han Peony Garden used to greet visitors from all over the country around May Day. Today, the out-of-season peonies cultivated in the scenic spot will debut beautifully before the Spring Festival and will become a great winter beauty.
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