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Millennium God Flower

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Millennium God Flower

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According to folk history, in the late Western Han Dynasty, Wang Mang's new dynasty, Emperor Guangwu Liu Xiu, was saved in the peony flowers of Mituo Temple, Beihao Village, Baixiang County to avoid hunting. According to the "Baixiang County Chronicle" published in the Republic of China in 1932 (1932), Emperor Guangwu Liu Xi was named emperor, and when he visited Hebei, he passed through the township of Boxiang and sent his feelings. Zhuang, Jingmiao are not very desolate. Only a few peony flowers, loyal to the king. The name of the Han Dynasty peony was derived from it.
According to the historical records of the county affairs, between the two Han dynasties, after Wang Mang usurped the Hanshi Jiangshan, he cut off the roots and sent troops to hunt down the Hanshi ancestor Liu Xiu. One day, a general wearing a battle robe, a dusty servant, and a sweaty general, beat his horse and came straight to Beihao Village. It was the years of chaos, and the villagers dared not to do anything, so they hurriedly closed their doors. The general dismounted, knocked on the door with sweat, and begged for a bowl of water to find a place to hide, even if there was an old temple with a broken house. A villager said across the door, there is no well in this village and no temple in the village. You should run outside the village. The general was helpless and sighed: "There is a scene in Beihao Village, there are no temples or wells, and the landlord lives in the cave." (Until now, the land master in our family ’s home was worshipped in the wall of the doorway.着).
As soon as the words fell, the wind and smoke were rolling outside the village, the flag was blocking the day, the horses were hissing, and the chase was coming. Knowing the danger, the general hurriedly raised his horse and ran forward. When he saw a broken wall temple in the village, he jumped in. "Tong Tong" sound, fainted under the flower. Strange to say, this flower sparsely spread the leaves and spread the leaves, covered the general with rigorousness, and chased the soldiers, looking east and west in the temple. No general was seen, and a white horse ran forward. , Ordered the soldiers to chase.
After an hour, the general in a coma was awakened by bursts of flowers, opened his eyes and saw that he was lying in the flowers, and the peony was opening up, red like the morning glow, suddenly feeling refreshed, hunger and thirst disappeared, and his spirits were shaking. Then he waved a sword and wrote a poem on the broken wall in the temple, and jumped away.
When the villagers saw the chasing away, they came to the temple in threes and fives to see what happened. They saw a poem on the wall saying, "The little king avoided chaos in the deserted village, and the temple of the well was not desolate. Only the number of peony flowers Be loyal to the king. "And signed Liu Xiu.
Later it became known that Emperor Guangwu, who became the emperor at Luan Qianqiu Pavilion in Baixiang, was the general named "Liu Xiu".
After Liu Xiu's ascension, he registered the peony as "the emperor's rich flower", and because the peony here had saved the life of Emperor Liu Guangxiu of the Han Guangwu, people called the Baixiang peony the Han peony.

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