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Fancy flower

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During the Japanese invasion of China, Miyaichi Kimura, the chief of the Japanese army's consultant office in the county, hired Wang Hao, who is proficient in Chinese and Japanese, as a tutor to his daughter, Kimura Yamako. Wang Hao's son Wang Shaoyue and Kimura Yamako have established a deep friendship and mutual love in the study and life together.
Kimuramiya took over the famous flower, and sent troops to forcefully dig out the Han Dynasty peony, a thousand-year god flower in Baixiang County, and transported it back to Japan for cultivation. The peony branches and leaves of the Han Dynasty were withered and died. Wang Hao bravely sacrificed to prevent Japanese soldiers from digging up peony and protecting flowers. Shao Yue waged a desperate fight with the Japanese soldiers and was caught by the Japanese soldiers because he was outnumbered. Kimura Yamako gave up his life and rescued Shao Yue. in
During the battle, the Eighth Route Army won a great victory and captured Kimura Miyaichi and Yamako. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Kimura Miyaichi and Yamako were repatriated to Japan.
Thirty years later, Shanzi in the area of Kimura Palace visited Han Peony Garden again. Kimura Kyuichi confessed that he had looted Han peony and killed Wang Hao. After a series of twists and turns, Shanzi and Shaoyue's lovers finally got married.

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