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Celebrities and Peony

Chinese Peony Culture

Celebrities and Peony

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Peony occupies a very high position in the minds of the Chinese and even the people of the world. Many literati, celebrities, and celebrities in the past love the peony. They not only love flowers, enjoy flowers, feast flowers, bear flowers, worship flowers, but also plant flowers, arrange flowers, write flowers, and have an inextricable bond with peony.

I. Emperor Sui and Peony

In 604, Emperor Yang Guang of the Sui Dynasty succeeded in Tianpi Xiyuan in Luoyang, the eastern capital. Emperor Sui Yang was curious about flowers and stones, and he went to Jiangnan three times to search. They also sent people to plant peony collected in various places in Xiyuan. According to the Tang Dynasty's "Haishan Ji", the emperor created two hundred miles of land for Xiyuan, and the world entered the flowers. Yizhou entered twenty peony, and there were flying red and Yuan Jiahong. Rare Yanhong, Yunhong, Celestial Red, Yifuhuang, Yan'an Yellow, Xianchunhong, Chaofengjiao and other precious varieties. In the royal garden, a large number of peonies were planted. This is the first time in history that we can see Emperor Sui's love for peonies.


Concubine Yang and Peony

Guiyang Yang is especially good at peony. During the Tang Kaiyuan years, the palace began to attach importance to peony, and several red, purple, light red, and white peony were planted in front of Shenxiangting in Xingqing and in the palace of Sheshan. At the beginning of the flower bloom, Yang Guifei took the ladies to tour the flowers, as if drunk. The fifth generation of Wang Renyu's "Kaiyuan Tianbao Relics" contained: "Yang Guozhong was first planted with a family of wood peony (that is, peony) because of his special concubine." Because of his special concubine, he loved peony, and Tang Minghuang also regarded it as a pet Peony was given to her brother.


Wu Zetian and Peony

Wu Zetian is the only emperor in Chinese history, a famous politician in the Tang Dynasty, and a native of Wenshui County.
In history, there was a legend that Wu Zetian derogated peony to Luoyang, describing Wu Zetian as a tyrant. Actually otherwise, she is a very affectionate person, and the county is especially good for peony. According to Shu Yuanyu's Peony Fuxue, "The hometown of Tianhou, Xihe, there are various fragrance houses, and peony under it, its flowers are special. Tianhou (Zhetian) sighs about the lack of Shangyuan, and transplants it for life." This justifies that Wu Zetian's hometown has long been planted with many peonies, and the county variety is "extraordinary", which has surpassed many varieties in Beijing. Therefore, the rare varieties in his hometown were moved to the capital. Later, when Wu Ze established the Wuzhou god capital in Luoyang, it was reasonable to bring some peony from Chang'an to Luoyang.

Four, Cixi and Peony

Cixi, the queen of the Qing Dynasty, has been influenced by the national traditional culture since she was a child, and she likes peony very much. Many peony were planted in the Imperial Palace Garden and other gardens. When she was in charge of the curtain, she established the peony as the national flower and built the national flower platform in the Summer Palace.




V. Pu Songling and Peony

Pu Songling, a famous writer and thinker in the Qing Dynasty, was good at using "ghost and god" novels to expose the dark side of reality, and compiled a book called "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi". The writing is smooth and profound, including two novels "Ge Jin" and "Xiang Yu" with peony as the theme. The fairy is written by flowers and the fairy is described by people. The article has a high appreciation value and historical data.



Li Bai's poems chant peony

The famous poems of the great Tang poet Li Bai's Chen Xiangting chanting peony have been chanted for thousands of years. It was said that one day Tang Xuanzong and Yang Gui watched the peony in Shenxiang Pavilion, and singer Li Guinian led a group of children to sing and sing. Tang Xuanzong said to Li Guinian, "How do you sing old words to connoisseurs and concubines? So, you quickly call Li Bai to write new words." Li Guinian rushed to the famous restaurant on Chang'an Avenue to find, and Li Bai Drinking with a few literati, already drunk. When Li Guinian conveyed his decree to him, he drunk his eyes a little, and slept a little bit unconsciously.
The imperial edicts cannot be mistaken. Li Guinian had to ask his followers to drag Li Bai to the horse immediately, and in front of the palace gate, he held them up with several people and pushed them to Tang Xuanzong. When Tang Xuanzong saw that Li Bai was drunk, he asked the courtier to take a rest on the jade bed, and ordered him to sober up the soup, and Yang Guifei asked someone to spray it with cold water. Li Bai lay on the jade bed and stretched his feet towards Collex, asking him to take off his boots. Helpless, Gaolishi had no choice but to squat down and take off his stomach for a while, and he was so busy that Li Bai awoke from a drunk dream. Tang Xuanzong asked him to write poems to boost his interest. Li Bai smiled slightly, picked up the pen, less than a moment of incense, has written three words in "Qing Ping Tiao":
Yun wants clothes and flowers,
Spring wind blows the threshold of Revlon.
If you do n’t see it in the mountains,
Suspected Xiangyao next month.
A branch of red scented fragrance,
Yunyu Wushan severed intestines.
Who will look like by asking Han Palace?
Poor Feiyan leaned on new makeup.
The famous flowers are in love with each other,
The king looks with a smile.
Explain the spring breeze of infinite hatred,
Shen Xiangting leaned to the north.
In these three poems, peony and Yang Guifei are written together. Flowers are people, and people are flowers. From a structural point of view, the first song was written from space and was introduced into Yuegong Yuanyuan. The second one was written from time and introduced to the balcony of King Chu Xiang, the court of Emperor Han Cheng. The third song returns to reality and points to the north of Axiangxiang Pavilion in the Tang Palace. The first spring breeze and the third spring breeze echo each other.
The first sentence of a poem, when I met Yun, I thought of the princess's plumage, and when I saw peony, I thought of the concubine Yurong. The next sentence, Revlon, further dyed the peony flower in the crystal dew, showing him exquisite and gorgeous, making the flower look more spiritual. The next two lines of imagination rise to the fairy worlds such as the mountains of the mother-in-law, Yutai, Yaotai and Yuegong. These scenes can only be seen over there, and Yang Fei is likened to a heavenly daughter.
The second song pointed out that King Chu Xiang had broken the intestines for the goddess of the gods, and that was the peerless beauty in front of her. Besides, Emperor Zhao Feiyan of Emperor Han Cheng had to rely on new makeup, where Yang Fei, who was so gorgeous in front of her eyes, didn't need fat powder, it was all natural and beautiful. Here to raise Yang Fei by lowering the goddess and Zhao Feiyan.
The third one and two combine the three peony, Yang Fei, and Xuanzong. The beauties of the country should refer to Princess Yang, and the word "spring breeze" in the third sentence is the pronoun of the king.
Tang Xuanzong was very satisfied with this poem. Later generations fabricated and said that Gaolishi took off his boots because of Li Bai's life and thought that he was insulted. He went to Yang Fei, saying that Li Bai used Fei Yan's skinny and Fei Yan's fat for personal communication Chifeng, the palace of Yang Fei's misconduct is unreliable.

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